With a built-up area of 75000 sq. ft. & Warehouses at strategic locations, KROSS has all the necessary infrastructure, equipments & human resource to meet the demands of high degree of accuracy and consistency in product quality.

KROSS has a complete range of special & general purpose machines for machining, heat treatment and grinding operations.

With State-of-the-art machines and equipments like CNC Turning Centers, Flexible Machining Centers, CNC 4axes Turning Center with FORKADT-Indexing Chucks, Spline Rolling Machine, High Speed- Internal, Duplex, Cylindrical and Centre less and Profile Angular Plunge Grinders, Induction Hardening & Case Hardening Furnaces, the company is fully geared up to manufacture and supply high quality products in large volumes.

The Company’s manufacturing facilities are well supported by the well-equipped labs for inspection and testing to ensure stringent control on quality of incoming materials, in-process manufacturing items and finished product.

The quality control cell is fully equipped with sophisticated facilities to check incoming raw materials for analysis of material composition, microstructure & micro hardness analysis as well as crack detection to ensure the total quality reliability. KROSS puts extra attention in procuring its primary raw material from renowned and approved manufacturers.

We have a wide range of checking equipments including high resolution Coordinate Measuring Machines and Air Gauges for dimensional parameters verification accurately.

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